LVHR Pronounced L-V-H-R is a female owned and operated Newport Beach based clothing brand, founded by Heather Franco. 

LVHR = Love Her. "She" is " You" at your very best.

The you that honors self care, loves with a full heart and lives every day with purpose. 

Our lifestyle collections of elevated lounge, swim, ready-to-wear resort and lingerie essentials are inspired by the world but born in California with intention and care. 

We don't design throw away fashion. We design long lasting, wardrobe staples. All of our fabrics are chosen with a dedication to sustainability and each piece is produced individually in small batches to create the least waste possible.

Everything is made in Los Angeles partnering with only ethical factories and well paid single select seamstresses and dye houses. 

LVHR collections are clothes to live and love in on the daily. 

See Her. Be Her. Love Her. 



MICROMODAL FRENCH TERRY: Micro-modal, known for its premium softness, is a sustainable fiber derived from beech trees. It is very silky to the touch, and feels light against the skin. Micro-modal is quite breathable and wicks moisture well. Along with its comfort, Micro-modal takes dyes well and doesn’t fade as easily as many other textiles. Because it’s made from beech fibers, which are resilient, it also holds its shape well, especially when it’s blended with a small amount of Spandex. Our Micro-modal is knit in Los Angeles Sustainably in small batches.

LINEN: One of the most comfortable fabrics for warm climates due to its quick drying nature, linen has that magical way of being both soft and crisp while also feeling cool to the touch. Our long wearing linen is garment washed and softened for an amazing feel and drape from day one.  Linen is also one of the most sustainable fabrics made, our linen is washed deadstock with digital printing from local Los Angeles vendors .

COTTON:  Our cotton broadcloth styles  in pink and white stripes are made with limited run vintage deadstock fabric that will only get better over time. Our Cotton T-shirts are usually garment washed and softened, our cotton is quick drying and ideal for people with sensitive skin.  Our Cotton T shirts are Eco Slub left over end rolls or made to order organic cotton in
small runs. Some batches vary slightly due to using a combination of small runs and dead stock.

BAMBOO COTTON GAUZE: Bamboo Cotton Gauze is a fiber made from regenerated Bamboo cellulose. Since Bamboo is a plant cellulose it takes dyes well so it won't fade easily over time. Our Bamboo Gauze is a super soft, breathable, open weave making it perfect for warm climates.  Our Bamboos is sourced sustainably and is knit in Los Angeles in small batches.

POLYMIDE SPANDEX: Our Sustainably Sourced Brazilian made matte finish, super soft and durable Polymide Spandex is a four way stretch abrasion resistant fabric. It's chlorine tested and double layered for compression. Our Poly/Span is also UPF 50+ so colors and prints will not fade as easily in the sun. Our Polymide is made in a factory that uses 70% recycled fibers when possible. Our Poly/Spandex is knit in Sao Paulo, Brazil and made Sustainably in small batches. All prints are digital which reduces more waste by not using harsh chemicals in the printing process, all original Artwork is made by us. 

 ALL METAL TRIMS: All of our metal trims are made sustainably in France are UV protected and nickel free. 

SHIPPING: All of our shipping materials are 100% recyclable, and all stickers and bags are 100% compostable and made in the USA from 100% post-consumer and recycled materials.